My PRK Experience

  1. I’m not going to give a “what’s better” for Lasik or PRK. That’s between you and your doctor. I’ve had friends do both. And feedback seems to be longer dry eyes for Lasik, and frustrating recovery for PRK.
  2. You’ll need a full week off of work for sure after PRK. If you can take two weeks, you may need it. I can’t imagine if I had to drive into work for that first month.
  3. If you are at any point before 4–6 weeks, do not freak out. My vision was so blurry and bad at 4 weeks. Terrible.
  4. I didn’t feel good enough to drive until 4 weeks, and that was probably pushing it. 6 weeks was better, and it wasn’t until 8 weeks that I was confidently driving and reading signs etc.
  5. I really didn’t feel much (if any) improvement for the first 6 weeks. It went from 20/300 pre-surgery to like 20/60 or so post and that’s what it was for 6 weeks. I had all the side effects, halos, ghosting, blurriness, tired and dry eyes, etc. When I drove, it was for like 2 miles. While I have seen people online say they were fully good after a few weeks, I wasn’t and there are lots of people who aren’t.
  6. Weeks 7 and 8, I made significant improvements. Still, a ways to go for sure, but it’s crazy how much better it has gotten. It’s weird to think that for 6 weeks it was the same blurry garbage, and then wham, almost daily it was improving fast.
  7. I can’t tell you how many times I have been upset, depressed, disappointed, sad, and a million other emotions. People start feeling bad when you are still asking for a ride. I’ve been in some dark places. But, when I said to myself that “I’m giving it three months” I started to take it better.
  8. Week 8 has had clarity unlike I’ve ever known. Today I was out running some errands, and I almost wanted to cry as I looked at the world in a way I never have. Sure, contacts and glasses got me to clear, but nothing compares to what I have now. I’d say I’m closer to 20/25 in both eyes although some residual stuff going on. But it’s clearer and getting crisp. It’s incredible.
  9. Week 11 my right eye is very crisp and clear. The left is still a little fuzzy/ghosty. I think the right eye is close to 20/20 or 20/15. Left is not quite, so maybe a 20/25 or 20/30 still.




Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, PHiSH fan, Machead, MBA, UMD Bulldog, Jeep Fan, Husker, Wild, Duluth Pack! Director of Marketing @SportsEngine.

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Jim Dahline

Jim Dahline

Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, PHiSH fan, Machead, MBA, UMD Bulldog, Jeep Fan, Husker, Wild, Duluth Pack! Director of Marketing @SportsEngine.

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